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Mr Yum helps to raise almost $50K for Save the Children

June 4 marked 100 days of the war in Ukraine.

WIth no end to the conflict in sight, every day means more children are affected by the continuing crisis, by violence and the devastating trauma from loss and displacement. 

Two-thirds of children have fled their homes and more than 6.6 million people have fled to neighbouring countries. 

This humanitarian emergency is the fastest and largest displacement crisis in Europe since WWII.

During April, Mr Yum partnered with Save the Children and pledged to match dollar-for-dollar every donation made through our platform.

Mr Yum diners across the world showed incredible generosity, donating a massive $23,800 across the month. 

That means Save the Children will have almost $50K to further its essential work delivering humanitarian aid to families across the region.

The largest single donation was $1491 (what a legend!) with $21 being the average amount donated by more than 1100 individual donors across Australia, the UK, Europe, US, South Africa, the Philippines and Singapore.

Every dollar donated makes a difference: $5 will buy a warm blanket for a child; $20 buys an essential hygiene kit for a family. 

The Save the Children team says “the support from the broader community has been amazing”.

“We’ve been able to provide lifesaving assistance such as food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as people flee the conflict amid freezing temperatures and brutal conditions.

“It also means that we can broaden our support in the region for the longer term by helping kids continue learning through the delivery of Ed-Tech solutions on behalf of the Ukrainian Government.”

Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo says the initiative helped provide tangible support to those who need it most, when they need it.

“When the war broke out in Ukraine, many Mr Yum team members from around the world wanted to find a way to help, and partnering with Save the Children to further their important work in the region provided a way for us to raise awareness, but more importantly, raise much needed funds,” she says.

“We are blown away by the incredible support and amazing generosity shown by Mr Yum diners across the globe.  We can only hope this heartbreaking conflict ends soon, but it will affect Ukrainian families for years to come. Sending a huge, heartfelt thanks and hug to everyone who donated and to the Save the Children team on the ground who are doing such an amazing job.”