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Mr Yum included alongside tech giants in the Vic Govt Rebate Program

What it means for your venue: 

If you are using pickup or delivery, you could apply the rebate to implement Mr Yum’s dine-in QR code table ordering. If you are using dine-in ordering, you could apply the rebate to implement pickup or delivery with our Door Dash Drive integration. We are also launching a new Loyalty & Marketing (voucher code) product called 'Boomerang' which you can apply the rebate to.

How the process will work:

1. Register for the program by going to the Business Victoria website

2. Reach out via menu.mryum.com/vicgrant to apply

You can learn more about this on the Business Victoria website.

A step forward for the industry:

Mr Yum has proven to be a  strong solution for dining in a pandemic, through our digital menu technology and contactless ordering. By scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC chip, the web-based platform allows your customers to register for contact-tracing, then order food and pay via their smartphones, reducing contact with staff and eliminating the need to handle cash or communal menus.

Our Co-founder and CEO Kim Teo says: “Mr Yum’s goal has always been to help the hospitality and entertainment industries adapt and thrive. We’re thrilled that being part of the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program gives us another way to do this, at a crucial turning point for the industry. 

As locals, we’ve seen first hand how the past seven months have crippled our industry, and we’re confident that Mr Yum is a crucial part of the road to recovery. Mr Yum’s technology offers a solution to safely serve guests and an opportunity for businesses to work smarter, increasing their profitability and the customer experience over all.”  

Businesses can register for the program online via the Business Victoria website where they can trial any of the six vendors chosen for four weeks. 

“The retail industry went online nearly overnight during the GFC, and they never looked back. Now it’s hospo and entertainment's turn to become 'brick and mobile’ - adapting to COVID normal, owning and understanding their customer, increasing spend and creating loyalty.” says Teo.