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Introducing Tabs for this silly season

Ahh, the silly season….as glorious as it is, it means managing a silly amount of group Tabs. 

Here's something that will make life a little easier for you and your customers. No more holding a customer's credit card and managing everything manually! 

With Mr Yum Tabs, customers can start a Tab for themselves, placing multiple orders charged to one invoice. If they’re in a group, the Tab owner shares their unique link with everyone to order from their own devices and charge to the one card. Orders from a Tab are received as normal, so you can start using Tabs in your venue with no changes to operations. 

With Mr Yum, you can encourage Tabs without the operational headache! 

Apply for a Mr Yum menu to set up Tabs at your venue 🙂

Here’s 4 easy steps to start a Tab in a group this holiday season:

1. Start a Tab 

Order food and drinks as usual. At the checkout screen, click ‘Start A Tab’ 💸.

2. Add your mates 

Your friends can scan your unique Tab QR code from their phone, or you can share a link through your favourite messaging app or via SMS. Only give it to people you trust!

3. Keep tabs on your Tab

After you set up your Tab, you’ll be texted a link to keep track of orders on your Tab. Whenever you re-scan the venue’s QR code to access the menu, you’ll also see a ‘Manage your Tab’ option. Watch what your mates are ordering live and how you’re tracking to your budget.

4. Party is over! Close out your Tab.

At the end of your meal, select Close Tab (don’t forget to leave a healthy tip for the staff!) and you'll receive one invoice for all orders placed on the Tab.

Apply now!