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Mr Yum named 4th in Australia’s Top Startups 2021

Australia, September 2021

Mr Yum has been named in Linkedin’s 2021 Top 10 Startups in Australia.


This is an annual ranking of the best emerging startups to work for — globally. 


Top Startups, created by the LinkedIn News team, uses exclusive platform data of 774+ million users and editorial expertise to identify new companies that are growing fast and recruiting top talent.


Mr Yum made its debut on the 2021 Australian list ranked at number 4.

CEO Kim Teo says it’s a great acknowledgement of the amazing team that’s grown from 15 people at the start of 2021 to 100 employees who are now spread across Australia, the US, UK, South Africa and the Philippines.

“This unique award is so meaningful because it is completely data-driven and considers every startup in 26 countries. It is measured on employee engagement with the company and each other, growth and retention, and the quality of talent we’ve been attracting to Mr Yum,” she says.

“The number one differentiation between startups is the team - it’s all down to execution. This is testament to the incredible humans who have taken a chance, believed in our mission and are now killing it across the world. We have fun, lift each other up, run towards the fire and think 10x. So proud and grateful for the first 100 people to have hopped on this rocketship!”

Mr Yum is created for hospitality, by hospitality people. Our team and investors include hospitality group owners, venue owners and people who have worked right across the industry, and our focus is on creating the very best solution packed with world-first features that serves the industry we love and helps it to thrive.

Co-founder and CTO Andrei Miulescu says the award is an acknowledgement that some of the best software developers have chosen to work at Mr Yum over other top startups. 

“Building tech teams isn’t the same as other teams. We have to convince people  - they have 20 different opportunities, why would they take ours? It’s because they believe in our product, believe in the mission and it’s creating an awesome culture,” he says.

“Everybody loves working for Mr Yum. The team has the opportunity to create something amazing and work with amazing people. We’re not just saying it, we’re doing it.”

It’s been a massive 12 months for Mr Yum.

After closing a post-seed funding round of $11 million in April 2021,  Mr Yum launched in US and UK markets simultaneously. 

In the UK, Mr Yum gained early traction in the northern hemisphere summer being implemented at festivals including Taste of London and Henley Regatta, while in the US, Mr Yum has been successfully launched in bars and restaurants, initially focused on Los Angeles.

In Australia, Mr Yum launched in Sydney and Perth Airports and announced a global-first partnership with Afterpay.

Mr Yum now has more than 1500 venues using the platform globally with 11 million users.

The team has quadrupled in the past 12 months, with more than 50 team members joining in the past six months alone. This rapid growth has only reinforced Mr Yum’s strong culture, with an employee survey in July recording a 96% engagement score among 100 staff. 

Every employee responded they were proud to work for Mr Yum, and had exceptional levels of confidence in leadership, product and customer service. 

And for a company that’s just three years old, we’re truly just getting started. Thanks again to LinkedIn for this acknowledgment.