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Mr Yum simplifies restaurant payments with Split & Pay


It’s one of the biggest pain points for hospitality staff and customers alike - waiting to pay the bill at the end of a meal.

In fact, 1 in 3 diners* say waiting for a waiter to bring the bill and organise payment is the biggest irritant when visiting a restaurant.

But thanks to Mr Yum’s new innovative product, Split & Pay, foodies no longer have to wait for a waiter to bring the bill, then come back with the payment terminal, process payments and print a receipt - a process that can take around 10 minutes  and up to 15 to 20 minutes in a busy restaurant.

With Mr Yum Split & Pay, customers simply scan a QR code at the end of their meal to view, split and pay their bill on their phone.

Front of house staff continue to take and enter guests’ orders as in a traditional restaurant service model, but with Split & Pay, the customer’s bill is accessed via a QR code that’s presented at the end of the meal.

Split & Pay takes the hassle out of payments and allows customers to pay the bill on their smartphone in full, or split it among the party by item, custom or percentage amounts. Payment options include Google Pay, Apple Pay, Afterpay and credit card.

Split & Pay helps staff save time and turn tables faster while increasing tips, while venues get to know their customers better making it easier than ever to personalise experiences and communicate with their guests directly. QR code mobile ordering is a seamless solution for thousands of hospitality businesses, but isn’t suited to every restaurant. Split & Pay offers a new way of payment for those venues that favour a traditional service model, while offering the benefits of collecting customer insights.

These venues can now achieve service efficiencies with Split & Pay, along with capturing valuable information about their customers.

Large tables splitting the bill is one of the more time consuming tasks front of house staff have to perform and often during peak service periods.

According to popular Melbourne restaurant Mr. Miyagi, on busy Saturday nights on average 1 in 3 tables split their bill and it takes service staff 71% longer to process payment on tables that split bills.

With Split & Pay, service staff are freed from this time-consuming administrative task and can focus instead on providing superior customer service and a better overall hospitality experience to their guests.

Mr. Miyagi co-owner Kristian Klein says Split & Pay solves one of the most frustrating elements of service.

"An easy way for customers to split their bill is a great concept. Taking multiple payments for the one table during peak periods is not the best use of our time. Split & Pay frees up staff and gives them more time to provide even better customer service on the things that actually matter. It's a win-win!"

Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo says Split & Pay is a game-changer for all types of hospitality, from fast casual eateries to fine dining restaurants.

“Split & Pay enables venues to offer the quickest and easiest way for their guests to pay and solves one of the biggest pain points diners face at the end of a meal - waiting for the bill,” she says.

“We’re excited to offer hospitality venues  another tool to enhance their customers’ experience and increase efficiency and look forward to rolling out the product to venues thanks to our Split & Pay launch POS partners, Impos, H&L and Lightspeed.”

Split & Pay adds to a suite of industry-leading features Mr Yum has launched in the past 12 months, including its Loyalty points program, advanced batching (which allows venues to customise kitchen and bar workflows), and a world-first partnership with Afterpay.  

* According to a survey conducted by Pollfish for Mr Yum of a statistically representative sample of 500 people aged 18-54 from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle. Survey conducted between Feb 16-21, 2022.