The app that makes service hella smooth.

The Crew toolkit

Create magical guest experiences, drive extra sales, and boost your service on the move.

Staff upsells

Staff upsells puts the power in the hands of servers to drive extra sales at the table.

  • See previous purchases
  • Quickly process re-orders
  • Orders are sent directly to your point of sale
  • Customers can pay with Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone straight from their seat
Fast feedback

Receive instant, private feedback and star ratings while guests are still in your venue.

  • Re-correct negative guest experiences before they leave your venue
  • Reduce negative online reviews
  • Real-time notifications
Turn tables on and off

Handle multiple service areas by turning sections or individual tables on and off

  • Quick table search
  • Individual table / section management
  • Set a time for when they’ll turn back on (so you don’t forget to turn it back on later)
Real-time notifications

Receive alerts for the things that really matter during service

  • POS errors
  • Customer reviews
  • New product features
  • VIP notifications (coming soon)
Instant support

Access Mr Yum’s chat support team straight from your phone - the average response time is just 37 seconds!

What's next?

Notifications about high spenders and VIPs

  • Create more personalised guest experiences
  • Surprise and delight loyal guests

Stay tuned, new features are coming

Fast feedback

Staff upsells

Instant support

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